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How to make a CPU profile portable ?


I am using CodeXL for CPU profiling. I run codeXL on a windows server & save the profile on that server. I want to import that profile and make it readable on other machine (eg. locally on my PC). I know there is this .ebp file which can be imported, but how to change the source code directory path ?

since the profile which I import has paths local to the windows server. How do I change it to make the profiled source code readable in codeXL on my PC ?

I tried changing the path in Tools>Options>CPU Profile... but I couldnt open the source.

Please suggest. Thanks


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A crude way of doing this by updating the paths in .cxl file that CodeXL creates. The .cxl file, the directory that CodeXL creates with the same name as that of the project and its contents can then be ported to another machine.

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