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Journeyman III

How to fill H264_picture_parameter_2 structure

Hi all,

I'm trying to implement an H264 decoder using opencl 1.2 and I'm currently studying the OVDecodeRender sample project.

SideNote: I have been trying to compile the sample, but it seems like it is based on SDK 2.7 and it

failed with 2.8. Do you have any update of this sample? -I have manage to understand what I want from the sample, so this

is not really urgent matter.

I want to use the H264 decoder to decode an RTP stream in baseline profile. It appears that I need to decode myself all the SPS and PPS structure?

Is it possible to avoid this? (I worked with several h264 decoder and all of them just need the SPS and PPS NAL untouched which is far


I have started to parse SPS and PPS, however, I'm not able to understand some of the value of H264_picture_parameter_2

What is the exact required values for "picture_parameter.level"?

    For example for level 4.1 -> picture_parameter.level = 41?

Is pic_width_in_mbs_minus1 the exact value for "picture_parameter.width_in_mb"?

Is  pic_heigtht_in_map_units_minus1 the exact value for "picture_parameter.height_in_mb"?

I have no idea what should be in "picture_parameter_2.picture_structure"?

I'm not sure at all how I should fill those last 3 values:

        picture_parameter_2.frame_num = 0; //?

        picture_parameter_2.intra_flag = 1; //?

        picture_parameter_2.reference = 1; //?

If you have any hints about what should be in "slice_data_control" and how I should know

the number of slice... I would also be greatfull.

Tks to all

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