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Journeyman III

How to check max HT frequency for AMD x2 5600?

Hi! I have AMD x2 5600 & Motherboard Gigabyte Ga M55s-S3R.
I payed few days ago for AMD x2 5600 with HT 2000 Mhz. But i think, that seller gave me processor with HT 1000 Mhz. I tryed to test processor with AMD CPUINFO. This programm show me: HT frequency 1000 Mhz (maybe he works on motherboards HT speed?) How to check max HT frequency of my processor? I know, that max HT speed for this motherboard is 1000 mhz. But i want to buy new MB...
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Journeyman III

The max HT is referred to as 1000MHz up and down 16-bit or 2000 read/writes. They are one and the same. Your motherboard and CPU are operating correctly.