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Journeyman III

How many display port screens can I run if I have a crossfire setup? Cheap videowall or lunacy?

Greetz noble forum regulars, I crave your advice!

I am trying to build a DIY video-wall for artsy/geeky/music stuff.

My original objective was:

- 4 columns of 4 monitors, distributed over a stage (not in 1 big screen).

- Sometimes they should function as 1 single display ( 16 monitors at whatever resolution we can manage) , other times each column should behave as a single display (minimum display area 4 X monitor, probably 1920X1200)

- if possible, operate from one pc

I have been googling all over the place and seen a bunch of ways of doing it most of which are $$$ and involve multiple machines so I started looking at a crossfire setup in a single PC.

From what I read, that would enable each set of monitors on a single display port 1.2 output to form a single display, but I am not sure what happens when I want to merge both (or more) columns into 1 single display

I am wondering:

- If I run a crossfire setup with display port, will I be able to merge the two cards outputs into 1 big display?

- Again, with crossfire, can I send different signal to each display port output?

- is it possible to run more than 2 ATI cards in one PC or is that simply ridiculous

- Any other suggestions on how  I might do this, or even suggestion on how to run a more limited version of the concept.

Screen resolution is not the biggest concern here, rather scale and the ability to split the signals so that the columns of monitors can behave differently/show different multimedia stuff.

I appreciate the help, as I am completely geeking out on this one and it will be a fun build.



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