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Adept I

How long does it take to get an answer for an OpenCL ticket?

Does anyone have any idea how long one should wait for an answer for an OpenCL ticket?

It's been almost two weeks since submitting the ticket and I still have no answer. Moreover, trying to reply to, I get a spam message from telling me that my mail delivery failed. It seems that this bandrsolutions is taking care of Amd's Developer Central...


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Adept I

For anybody out there being in the same situation, here's an update: it takes more two months and I'm still counting!

I have been told that AMD support is reorganizing and my issue has been caught in the crossfire...

While I do have to acknowledge Kristen Carney for her prompt answers (at least at somebody answered), missing a proper answer is extremely disappointing to say the least.


Remember that there's a lot of information that OpenCL support is unable to give out.

Did you get some sort of ticket number or summary of your query and I will *try* to chase it when I talk to the OpenCL team next week, but no guarantees given the reorganisation that you mention.


The ticket ID is 1791. If any other information would be useful, please let me know.

The problem my ticket refers to is based on running in loop one of the sample applications from Amd. The issue has been also open here

We are talking about a problem arising when using Amd's implementation for OpenCL. I do understand that I may be doing something wrong and I don't expect you to fix my bugs, but it is also possible for the error not to be on my sight. Now what should I do in this situation other than trying to dialogue with you guys?


Any news at all?

Why is this question "Assumed Answered"? Who assumed what?

Is an OpenCL sample code from AMD APP SDK one of those information OpenCL support is unable to give out?

Or maybe I just missed that e-mail telling me that my question is out of OpenCL support team responsabilities? Could you please send it once again so that we can upgrade from "Assumed Answered" to "Answered"?

Thank you for your efforts.




Apparently there are problems with the system. That's the limit of the information I can obtain. Sorry! I wish I could help further.

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Re: Optimizing Kernel

Kristen CarneyModerator

I'm sorry. After reading your original post and all the responses, I thought your original questions were answered by the replies. So I marked the thread Assumed Answered.

However, you are correct in that the way to change a thread from Assumed Answered to Not Answered is to "to mark an answer correct and then unmark it."


Well I never! Kristen taught me that little trick via e-mail too.


Question has been returned to Not Answered state. There's no way for me to tell who marked it assumed answered. Sorry about the confusion.