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How can i start opencl with my current hardware configuration ???

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I am new in opencl.i have an Dell Xps 1645 laptop which has Ati Mobility Radeon HD 4670 graphics card and a intel cpu.i saw that amd's software does not support opencl stuffs for my graphics card but in Khronos website,my video card is seen as opencl supported.So now what do i have to do to start opencl programming in visual studio??? and Can i use amd's software which is for opencl??? and finally Which software tools do i need to start ???

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I think the support for 4000 series was dropped at some point. I wouldnt bother with that card anyway, it is quite old. However you can use AMD SDK to run your OpenCL programs on your CPU. I think it should be enough to make working programs and check functionality, but you should get a decent hardware if you want to get speed.


maybe try (although it has limited functionality with Intel CPUs)

You should be able to run some of the examples which come with the SDK on your CPU


Thanks for your reply.Can i use intel opencl runtime to use opencl???


I am not sure. Intel does not support all of their processors in their runtime. But you will know this because in that case it will refuse to install. You should ask this in Intel forums. In addition, AMD's OpenCL SDK is in my opinion more mature and complete. In the past I had problems running some programs using Intel's OpenCL SDK (due to missing features) while they worked fine using AMDs SDK even on Intel processors.

Anyway, you can try both if you like and see how it goes