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Journeyman III

HLSL vertex texture load (text2dlod) not working on R290

For the last few days I have been trying to debug a new HLSL 3.0 shader that uses text2dlod to load texture values into the vertex shader.

On my Windows 10 test rig, with R290, latest catalyst driver (Jan 2016), tex2dlod incorrectly returns a fixed value.

I´m using D3D9, I have another 19 shaders that I developed and all work fine, but tex2dlod fails to return any texture values.

I have Hardware Vertex processing set on the DX9 driver init, I have set the texture with D3DVERTEXTEXTURESAMPLER0 set.

I have tested with render target textures, normal textures, with mipmaps, but nothing changes the result.

I called CheckDeviceFormat to check that my R5G6B5 texture is supported for D3DUSAGE_QUERY_VERTEXTEXTURE and it returns TRUE.

I'm not setting d3d->SetSamplerState with the D3DVERTEXTEXTURESAMPLER0 - D3DVERTEXTEXTURESAMPLER3 values though, as I could not find any clear documentation regarding this being needed.

Does the driver support tex2dlod correctly under DX9, and is there a test sample we could test?