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Journeyman III


So being a poor college student from Tn I am faced with a new problem.

I have an Amd Cpu athlon 4400 2.3 dual core, and has been my best computer go to since then. Now I know this is a bit dated but I got it the week that it came out. Now in 2012 its starting to wear down, and has problems keeping itself running. I am not a very computer heavy person. I built this computer using a mix match of components wrought from others upgrades, and is indeed the best hand me down monstrosity ever created. However my cpu is starting to die from what I can piece together, and I would really like a new one of these. However if you check ebay from a brand new one(( since ebay is now the only seller of this product because of how old it is)) its about $249 dollars brand new in box. My problem is I dont want to upgrade because this is the best chip for my set of hardware and I cant upgrade it without having to buy all new stuff.

So the solution is I find a way to replace this Cpu..Or I go without a computer until I can scrimp and save for a new one.I would have to buy from case up of new hardware all of it. Its all so dated that I cant just upgrade one piece...Advice..Help? Anything?

(( Ps all ready called amd headquarters...All they got me was..Sorry we dont have any. Maybe you all have a solution?))

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Hi Angelmori,

There is good news and there is bad news.  The bad news is that, unfortunately, these processors are so old that we don't have them around anymore. We typically recycle our old stock. 

The good news, is that I found some from for $25 - $30.  They aren't in a box, but they would be the same processor that did come in a box.  You alo might want to check to see if your fan is working properly.  If it isn't, your processor may be shutting off due to overheating. 

Good luck and I hope you can find a solution to keep your system going.