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HD7970 + linux: CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEM

I'm having a problem with a recently acquired HD7970 in a linux machine: quite often, usually after a few (non-opencl) applications have run, but other times right off the bat.  The problem is that no OpenCL programmes will run against the GPU: they all fail when calling clCreateCommandQueue with an error CL_OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY.

Simple samples like 'Reduction' also fail in the same way.  The machine has a 64 bit intel cpu & 12gb ram and all the software i'm using is 64-bit: it is not short on free ram.  The system has been crashing a lot so it's usually a fairly recent reboot with not much running.  I'm not using any GL-compositing desktop, just plain X.

Rebooting, or even just restarting the X server seems to fix it (usually).

I only recently upgraded to 12.4, previously with a HD 6950 I didn't see this problem unless a few CL applications were active.

driver version: 8.961

I didn't see the problem when I swapped the card with a HD6950 with this driver, at least while I had it there a day or so.

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Adept III

I have also been having this problem


FWIW The 12.6 beta is looking  a lot better so far.

Haven't had any out of host mem errors, and even xinerama is fast again on both screens.


Thanks for reporting this issue. I'll pass it along to the right people.


Thanks Kristen.

I just noticed another problem with 12.6 - somecode i'm fairly confident is ok and i had working on 12.4 and earlier now doesn't work on 12.6 beta ... although if i add a bunch of clFinish() calls it works ok.  It's all using a single queue.

I seem to have narrowed it down to a bit of code that uses a global atomic int32 in multiple calls of the same kernel.  If I call clFinish() after invoking this kernel every time then it works, otherwise it crashes and brings down the system.  I don't have a small test-case, but it is in public (java) code.

Should I be using the problem reporting form?

I had a look at it, but it doesn't look very developer-oriented.


Yes, please use the AMD issue reporting form that you linked to above.

I'll double check with Support just to be 100% sure that feedback submitted via this form will get to the Catalyst developers.