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Journeyman III

HD7970-Kernel-Mode-Switch (KMS) Firmware Blobs

Hello dear AMD-Crew!!

Since yesterday I´m a new owner of your greate new HD7970 I have used ATI/AMD-Products all my life, with an exception - NVidia-GT6600 in 2006 -. But with ATI/AMD I was more satisfied ever!

I use the Operation Systems:

MS Windows Vista X86

MS Windows 7 X64

Gentoo Linux X64

When I was unpacked the new graphics card, and put it in my computer, launched the Setup-Disk, I was confused first: The Installer didnt recognize any graphics aperture, ran out with "no matching graphics found - will exiting Setup now" - Certainly was afraid, but guys in a forum said, that this could be, because the graphics card is available only a few weeks. They told me a site, where I found a MS Win 7 X64 driver (The RC) - I installed, and Win7 runs pretty fine now!!! The Drivers (like Catalyst V 12.1) from the official AMD WebPage don´t recognize, too. Unfortunately, my Vista needs to run without a driver now, because, I couldnt find any for it. Only Win 7 is satisfied. I don´t use Vista often, therefore, its not very "painful" in the Moment.

More painful is for me, that the "Tahiti" - firmware blobs for Linux aren´t yet, too.

I read, that they are specially workarounds, but doenst know, whats true in this. More people speak, that this is in the Moment possible only with the fglrx - closedsource. But I don´t like the closedsource, with my older graphics from ATI/AMD (HD4890) KMS gaves me all, that I ve needed, the fglrx ran a little slower and didnt give me the nice 1920x1200 Resolution in the Console.

Now my question: When will the "tahiti"-firmware-blobs come out? In gentoo-forum told me, that I would have to wait minimum 2 months... This would be terrible for me. However, the card I ve already loved in

I know, this is an suggestion only: I ve read, the tahiti is an further development of the CAYMAN. Would it be possible, built in CAYMAN-blobs? Or absolute won´t work this? Or worse: May I damage my new card doing this?

I would be very very happy, get an reference. I dont already know, which places of informations I can trust. So much different informations can be found in the www, abd every knows more than the previous

Thanks thanks a pretty lot for your answer!!!



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Adept III

It isn't really a further development of Cayman, it's a rather different, new architecture.

Thank you very much, arsenm for your quick reply! This helps me a lot and I know now thats impossible for the moment get the card work in Linux with KMS/Firmware-blobs...

Probably I will test with the closedsource... Will try. But could you make a "speculation" how long will have to wait? Only for interesting, I understand, its a new card and happen "little" trouble. I´m not dissapointed. Only interrested because have to change some things on my linux for get to work graphics card now. Will appear the blobs in 2 weeks, I won´t to jump to closedsource. For doing other blobs, its work for any minutes. Only the firmware downloading and add in the kernel...

Begin to use closedsource needs further kernel and system changes.

Thanks a lot.




You need more than just the microcode images -- there are also a lot of driver changes required. The jump to Tahiti is the biggest architectural change we've had since the R600 so there are big changes all through the driver stack.

We are implementing and releasing driver changes for Tahiti in stages -- first was multiple ring support, followed by virtual GPU memory support. The kernel driver support looks pretty solid, and we're starting the reviews for release of that code now. Userspace driver (ddx, mesa) is being developed now, don't have a good ETA yet but we're going to try to push the work-in-process code out early and finish it in the public repositories.

Hello bridgman

have a lot lot lot thanks for your very extensive answer I read about the R600. It was in the year 2007 - so could be said - Tahiti includes innovation of 5 years - I´m satisfied... I cant believe already, that I have such in my computer *dream*

The card is great, and I am happy, that I ve bought her...

In Linux, I will probably use the official drivers, i.e. fglrx...It seems to be the better way in the beginning. I use gentoo Linux and hoping on the speedy support, you are talking about (kernel driver support). Will wait a few days more, probably portage will have the first drivers - providing the HD7970 - gentoo provides and supports new devices earlier, than the "Not-Rolling-Releases-Distributions" - so I think, if AMD will release, the delay will be 1 or 2 days.

It´s a great card. It´s not cheap - yes But its the really best

Thanks for your reply anymore