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Journeyman III

Have A problem with HD 5970(need help)

Guys need help with my hd 5970

I just bought a HD 5970 GPU but I am having a big problem... It is not working when the 2 gpus were enabled when I enable the 2 gpus and restart my system it is stalling in the "windows starting part"But when I disable 1 of the gpu it is working fine.. I have downloaded the latest catalyst and still having the same prob I cant get the 2 gpus working together

Please help me any advise will be much appreciated

heres my system

intel i7 860

Windows 7 Home Edition (x64)

asus p7p55d pro mobo

8gb ram

HD radeon 5970

Coolermaster HAF 932 full tower

800 watts power


Please I am desperate to know how to make them work together...

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Journeyman III

I have never problem with HD 5970. Thanks for fantastic informaion.
Great information thanks for share it.
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