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Journeyman III

Graphic Card problem HD 7600M


As said in the title, I have a problem with my graphic card: so I have a laptop (an Samsung NP350V5C-S07FR and the OS is Win 😎 with two graphics cards: An Intel HD Graphics 4000 and an AMD Radeon HD 7600M. The drivers are apparently installed correctly (version ) but I can't use the AMD card to play a game. The game launch with the Intel card witch isn't powerful.

So I would like to know if a software exists to specify witch card to run when using a specified software. Typically I want to use the AMD Radeon card for the games ...

Hope you understand what I want to say and sorry for the bad english ...


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Some news about my problem. So, it's fixed.

It seems to be te driver of my RADEON card witch wasn't correct. I dont know why.

So, to fix it I've contacted Samsung (my laptop is a Samsung) in order to have te good drivers. They have a software called SWupdate where all there computers drivers are referenced. I download the graphic one and it seems to work.

Thank you for your help guys