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Journeyman III

GPU profiling using CodeXL remote agent


We are currently trying to collect the GPU profiling data from an AMD board equipped with AMD Embedded G-Series GX-217GI Radeon R6E.

We are able to cross compile an run codeXL remote agent on it.

Our complete setup involves one host machine Running CodeXL and one AMD target machine Running CodeXL remote agent.

Till now we are successfully able to debug the Teapot example using this setup, but not able to successfully collect the GPU profiling data yet.

When we start the profiling session although it does get started but when we terminate the Teapot program we receive the debug messages on remote agent side that it fails to generate the profile results.

root@amdfalconx86:~# /media/sdb6/Output_x86_64/release/bin/CodeXLRemoteAgent



CodeXL Remote Agent settings were extracted successfully


Agent version is:

Read  timeout is: Infinite Timeout

Write timeout is: Infinite Timeout

Agent IP:Port is:


CodeXL Remote Agent is listening on <>

Press any key to terminate CodeXL Remote Agent. . .

*** Connection: Received a connection from <> *** is missing

Make sure you have under /media/sdb6/Output_x86_64/release/bin/

XRequest.152: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) 0x1400006




Failed to generate profile result /home/root/.CodeXL/AMD/CodeXL/CXLTeaPot-bin@

Failed to generate profile result /home/root/.CodeXL/AMD/CodeXL/CXLTeaPot-bin@

*** Disconnection: <>ended a session and disconnected ***


And on host side we receive the following message.


Unable to gather profile data. This error can occur for one of several reasons:

  • The active project is not an HSA program.
  • The active project is an OpenCL program, but it did not enqueue any kernels.
  • The active project is a DirectCompute program, but you are not running as administrator. Administrator rights are required when profiling DirectCompute applications.
  • The active project is an OpenCL program, but it did not enqueue any kernels listed in the Profile Specific Kernels section.
  • The active project does not compile or run properly (try running it manually).
  • Either the profile output directory or the target executable do not exist on the remote machine.
  • The remote agent does not have write access to the profile output directory on the remote machine.


Our first question is that will we receive any profiling data if hsa/rocm and opencl both are not available on the target side, whereas openGL/vulkan is available on target.

Are we missing some components on the target side ?

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Hi Adeel,

Now, there is a new place for CodeXL to provide feedback and post support requests. Please check the link below for details.

For CodeXL feedback &amp; support requests

P.S. You have been whitelisted.