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Journeyman III

GPU Perf Studio 2.5 error: The "Frame Capture on Pause" setting could not be enabled on the server and should be disabled in the client

I am getting this error message when trying to profile our OpenGL application with GPU Perf Studio 2.5 with "Frame Capture on Pause" enabled in the settings.

Our application is not a game but an application which does image processing both on CPU and GPU. The GPU part is done using OpenGL shaders. OpenGL is also used for the whole GUI rendering.

As it is not a game usually the frames rendered may not be similar regarding the sequence of calls and also they may not be really close between each other from the time point of view.

We have tryied first using the default way of application pausing: the time based pausing but we saw soon that this can't be used with our application as it does no time based animations.

We hoped that "Frame capture on pause" would help us but as you can see in the subject we get that error message when trying to pause. Is there something we can do to enable the server to pause in frame capture mode? Or GPUPerfStudio can not be used for our application? If it can't be used do you know another tool which would be better suited for our needs?

OS: Win7 64bit

GPU: ATI Radeon HD5450

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU @2.5GHz


Application is 32bit (we run the 32 bit server for profiling)