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Adept I

glPushClientAttrib / glPopClientAttrib do not work with FirePro W5100 / Barco MXRT-5600

I am using Qt Quick as software GUI.

Qt Quick over 5 requires unpack alignment to be 4 for correct GUI rendering.

With FirePro W5100 / Barco MXRT-5600's current driver (and previous ones), the glPushClientAttrib / glPopClientAttrib are not working (Do not have this problem with other graphics cards like NVIDIA's).

So once I changed the unpack alignment between glPushClientAttrib / glPopClientAttrib, Qt Quick GUI can no longer be rendered correctly. I have to manually change the alignment back to 4.

I wonder if there is some settings I did not do to make glPushClientAttrib / glPopClientAttrib work with these drivers.

OS: Windows 7

Qt: 5.7

When I was using Qt 4.8, it works properly. Since Qt 4.8 does not have the alignment requirement.

Thank you for your time!

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Adept I

Hi, any ideas

Adept I

Please refer to the answer I find in this topic:

How can I enable the deprecated glPush/PopAttrib, glPush/PopClientAttrib ?