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Adept I

glLinkProgram call raises error 0x0501

Hi, I'm trying CodeXL to debug some OpenGL code

(D3D11 code ported to OpenGL, I'm really new to OpenGL dev)

All my shaders are compiled as GL_PROGRAM_SEPARABLE+GL_PROGRAM_BINARY_RETRIEVABLE_HINT (as on D3D), using "version 420 core" header.

(then saved as binary to avoid recompiling each time)

Using CodeXL, I delete some of the binary shaders to let CodeXL "see" the compiling process

(hoping to get more info about the shaders in the tool)

the calls to glLinkProgram raise a GLerror 0x0501

followed by glGetProgramiv( ui_ProgramId, GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH , &iBufferSize ); => iBufferSize = 0 (no log)

followed by glGetProgramiv( ui_ProgramId, GL_LINK_STATUS, &iLinked ); => everything is fine and the code runs fine.

glLinkProgram => error, without log => LinkStatus ok => code ok

Do you have any idea of the reason of this error 0x0501 please ?

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