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Journeyman III

Getting Eyefinity Info via ADL

The eyefinity sample shipped with ADL shows information about current eyefinity display group settings, but only if the preffered Display is within the display Group. How do i have to change the eyefinity sample, that i can get eyefinity information about every eyefinity display group?  For example my setup is: Main (preferred display) + eyefinity display group (3x1).


Btw.: It's sad to see that a lot of questions in the forums + my support mail kept unanswered so far , although the ADL Documentation trys to motivate with "We expect your comments and suggestions in order to make this library more useful and easy to use."

Reading so many unanswered questions doesnt make me feel comfortable to continue developing with AMD/ATI Graphiccards. Please put more energy and support to the community to encourage developers to use your products!!!

PS: i cant change mail mailadress in my forum profile, but i have to.

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