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gDEBugger now supported on Linux!

gDEBugger offers real-time OpenCL kernel debugging, which allows developers to step into the kernel execution directly from the API call that issues it, debug inside the kernel, view all variable values across the different work groups and work items.

This release introduces a new standalone user interface for both Linux and Windows it has support for SI/Tahiti, OpenCL 1.2 (beta drivers), other feature enhancements and stability fixes.

All this on a single computer with a single GPU.

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Finally!! It is nice to see some linux progress. Good job to the developers. Bugfree software is non-existent, but it's a lot more exciting to hunt for them (while doing work) then *itch about no linux tools at all.

Congrats again.


great. in original gdebugger there was also profiler mode. i am not sure if i overloked it but it seems like this version didn't have it. are there plans for some profiler features?

also i must set this  env variable otherwise i can't run OpenGL programs.


Adept III

Why are the release notes a docx?

Adept II

First of all, thanks for the release and the development efforts that went into it.

Before I comment on what goes wrong in my test case, I want to state that i'm trying the program on an NVIDIA Optimus laptop because I can't access my AMD desktop rig atm. Since gDEBugger relies not only on libGL but also on libOpenCL it can't be run on the latest stable Mesa branch using the Sandy Bridge GPU. However, I also can't run anything using the NVIDIA (via Bumblebee) as well. Setting the LD path doesn't do anything and I have to create appropriate symlinks before the program can get started. Short after context creation, any program I tried will crash with a SIGSEV - even glxgears.

I'm fully aware that using an NVIDIA platform isn't the best course of action but the Visual Studio add-in was still useful since I'm only interested in the GL debugging part. Speaking of which, it really should be a feature again to specifically disable kernel debugging!

Still, thanks for the release and keep up the good work!

nou: If I'm not mistaken, the profiling capabilities weren't present in the Visual Studio release as well. Interestingly, there is still an option concerning performance counters in the "Advanced" tab of the program options dialog.


Where can I open bug ticket for gDEBugger. I found at least two not so elegant ways of the tool crashing. One place is understandable, but quite annoying, but the other seems to be clearly a bug. At least I don't do any black magic.


Currently, you can use this platform to report any issue.