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Journeyman III

gdebugger fails to pause/stop app, uses 100% cpu

Trying to profile my app on the latest gDebugger (6.2), it fails to pause and to stop the app, so I can't actually get any statistics. Further, after pressing either the pause or stop button, gdebugger starts to use 100% of one core. Stays interactive though, so it can be closed.

There is no message and no action when pressing pause, when pressing stop it pops up a message saying "Failed to terminate the debugged application".

Curiously, profiling a simple app (glxgears) works fine.

It's running on E-350, Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit, Catalyst 12.6. The gdebugger log is attached, it hits several asserts and seems to get a broken pipe from gdb.

PS: I had to add "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/fglrx" to the start of the gDebugger script, otherwise all profiled apps would segfault on start.

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