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Journeyman III

FPS truble with command DrawInstancedIndirect in CrossFireX mode Enabled

Windows 7 x64, Catalist 13.1, DirectX 11 API.

Render 1000 times model of 432 triangles (D3D11_PRIMITIVE_TOPOLOGY_TRIANGLELIST) using simple shader with the command Draw and DrawInstancedIndirect.

In the case of 2-hd7970 and hd6990 get 1000 FPS render using the Draw and 200 FPS with DrawInstancedIndirect.

Both in a window and full screen.

If add a profile of my application in the "Catalist Control Center-> Gaming-> 3D Application Setting" and in "CrossFireX Mode" set as "Disable" then FPS gets to 1000 both with Draw and DrawInstancedIndirect commands.

All necessary buffers are created at the beginning and do not change during the test.

Why in "CrossFireX Mode" "Disable" command DrawInstancedIndirect working properly and in every other modes fps drops from 1000 to 200 fps, both for a window or full screen modes?

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