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Journeyman III

For developers. Trouble with Catalist driver on Sapphire 4870x2

Dear developers, I have Sapphire 4870 x2, and recently faced problems in games and 3d programs. For example, in ArmA 2.Operation Arrowhead.v 1.51.71083 my devise works half a 1 graphics card with accelerated 500-507 to 750-900, while the other remains at the state and is not used, checking the program MSI Afterburner. The game is NFS-SHIFT similar situation. One accelerated graphics card and operating normally, and the other does not accelerate, but it works on 500-507. In 3dmark Vantage has two video cards, but at the first test is terrible artifacts. It seems that with the release of the family hd5xxx, about hd 4xxx developers generally forgotten. I think the point is Catalist driver, because on earlier versions of Catalist driver of such problems in 3dmark does not arise. I tried to put Catalist driver 10.5, in my opinion they are the most normal of the last, then in ArmA 2.Operation Arrowhead.v 1.51.71083 increased the number of fps to 18-20 percent in 3dmark they have not yet tried it. Dear developers Catalist driver, I wish you every success in the development of new quality Catalist driver not only for the latter families, but also for others.

Thanks in advance.

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