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Journeyman III

Fluid simulation on OpenCL

Hello everyone,

I am a student working on a research project and I right now I have to write a model reduced fluid simulation on the GPU. Exactly what must be done on the GPU follows:

(1) look up the corresponding tet via some kind of spatial data structure
(2) do a matrix multiply with the reduced state to figure out the fluxes
(3) convert the fluxes to a velocity via a 3x3 matrix inversion
(4) optionally: cache the velocity for this timestep
(5) advect the particle
(6) resolve any collisions with the fixed geometry (car)
(7) render all the particles and a car

do you think i would get big advanteges from the use of OpenCL respect to DirectX11?

What about the rendering?


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Journeyman III

I think DX11 has more features like easier read and write to variables but can't run on Linux

Go with DX11!


i think that when you use OpenCL you should use OpenGL because of OpenCL OpenGL interoperability which should be soon available. although in CL directory is cl_d3d10.h so maybe is planned OCL DX interoperability.

when use DX11 then i think use computeshader 5.0. you also lose portability with DX

Journeyman III

Hi. I am curious to where you got the matrix inversion kernel from? or did you write it yourselfI have been looking everywhere for one. Can you please tell me where you got it from or (if you wouldn't mind) send me the code?