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Fixing right-click crash in Visual Studio 2012 + CodeXL

There have been a few reports of Visual Studio 2012 crashing when user right-clicks a variable in source file and selects "Go to definition". On most stations CodeXL and VS2012 play well together, however the crash was observed on some stations.

This may be a Visual Studio issue triggered by the Visual Studio 2012 CodeXL extension. The problem persists even after CodeXL is uninstalled.

Perform the following steps to overcome this problem:

  1. Uninstall AMD CodeXL.
  2. Uninstall MS Visual Studio 2012.
  3. Install MS Visual Studio 2012 + Update 3.
  4. Install AMD CodeXL.
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Journeyman III

Re: Fixing right-click crash in Visual Studio 2012 + CodeXL

I have also suffered through the same problem of frequent Visual Studio 2012 crashes after installing CodeXL ( to be specific normal installation i.e with Visual Studio 2012 CodeXL extension, otherwise we can also perform custom installation and avoid the further problems by using the external CodeXL GUI and KernelAnalyzer2 for profiling and debugging rather than through Visual Studio 2012 ) and these are the following points I observed :

-- Somehow the Visual Studio 2012 CodeXL extension corrupts some DLL files -> Microsoft.VisualStudio.Editor.Implementation.dll (one that i found) or its corresponding register entries.

-- And after turning the auto-indentation feature off of the Visual Studio the problem no longer persists .

     This may not the best solution for this problem , but i thought to share what i observe so that this bug could be fixed in the implementation specific files of CodeXL/ Visual Studio 2012 itself and the Visual Studio 2012 CodeXL extension can be used in a better way.

Thank you.

Journeyman III

Re: Fixing right-click crash in Visual Studio 2012 + CodeXL

I confirm that disabling "Smart Indention" can work as a workaround. It did for me. However, the final solution in my case was to uninstall VS2012 and VS2010 (which I had both installed), then reinstall both in "increasing order". For me, the problem had probably something to do with having Visual Studio instances installed in wrong order.

There was also another reason for the crash which was fixed by Microsoft in some Service Pack, but that patch didn't help me.