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Journeyman III

FirePro3D V4800 lines on screen

I installed this card and the latest drivers and booted up with no apparant problems and the fan seemed to be running fine. Then on second boot up horizontal lines appeared on screen in different places and eventually Windows 7 said the driver had failed. I rebooted and a long horizontal line was right across the screen and other short horizontal lines kept appearing in different places. Then windows crashed to a blue screen. I opened opened up the case and the air felt quite warm inside. I removed the card and this also felt quite hot. I replaced it with another graphics card and installed drivers. Booted up and everything was fine. No lines and everything is running fine.

Do you think the Firepro V4800 card is faulty?  It must be the card as fitting another card has been fine.

Windows 7 64bit

corsair 500w psu

2x 1 tb hdd

socket 775 motherboard

Pentium core 2 quad processor

cd/dvd drive

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