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Journeyman III

FIREPRO W9100 (linux): framelock not working

Hello, I have a problem with framelock when using a FirePro W9100 in linux. It works as expected using a FirePro W9000:

- Ubuntu 12.04 based system

- Kernel 3.2.0-38-lowlatency

- X.Org X Server 1.11.3

- CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2687W 0 @ 3.10GHz

- 48 GB of RAM

- S400

- Tested with two FirePro graphics cards: W9100 (it does not work) and W9000 (it works).

- Tested with two driver versions: fglrx-13.352.1019 and fglrx-14.301.1019 with same results on both.

- Tested in two different machines with same software and hardware. The W9100 card was the only one in common on both machines, as it is the only one we have. Same results on both machines.

Displays connected (we tried with several combinations, I am going to describe the most basic for us):

- DFP1: HD display 60 Hz (also tested with UHD @ 60Hz)

- DFP5: HD display 60 Hz

- DFP9: UHD display 30 Hz

- DFP1 is set as timing server.

- No timing clients. Also tested with timing clients, same results.

- We work on window mode, and we use framelock on DFP1 to get an output without tearing artifacts.

- We use the usual instructions to get the framelock (it has been working fine with the W9000 for a long time): glXJoinSwapGroupNV, glXBindSwapBarrierNV.

The behaviour of the system with the W9100 card is as follows:

- It starts fine, everything works as expected, similar results as using the W9000.

- After a few minutes under heavy load, the performance starts to degrade greatly and times between swapbuffers goes from constant 16.666 ms as expected to go from 16.666 to 200 ms.

Once we reach this point:

- mouse cursor movement is choppy.

- Restarting the application does not solve anything.

- Commenting the draw code and keeping just the swapbuffer operation keeps the same wrong numbers.

- Using a framelock example given by a AMD (line moving from left to right side of the screen): does not work either, the line movement is totally choppy.

- Restarting the machine does not solve anything.

* If we disable the framelock everything goes to normal (but we have tearing artifacts).

* If we turn off the machine and keep it off for several minutes, then the problem repeats: it wroks good with framelock for some minutes, after such, the framelock makes the system unusable.

From the last two points, it looks like a heat problem, but that it only affects to the framelock, as if we disable it, everything works as expected. Weird.

NOTE1: just switching back to the W9000, it works fine.

NOTE2: the graphics card is a test card provided by AMD. Maybe beta firmware?

NOTE3: (not related, just informative): even if results are the same for both drivers tested (fglrx-13.352.1019 and fglrx-14.301.1019), it looks like on the 14.x one there are some performance regressions.

If you need any more information about the problem, do not hesitate to ask.

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As you said: 'NOTE2: the graphics card is a test card provided by AMD. Maybe beta firmware?'  It maybe not a released card. Can you find a green label on the card. And tell me the S/N NO. It maybe 181408007962.


The serial number on the green label is:

181408 008037


Since you are using a test card, That need to be reworked to fix this issue