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Journeyman III

Firepro 2460 4 1080p movie under linux

Dear All

I am newbie on linux, but i have project must need under linux platform,today I bought FirePro multiview 2460, using i7(2nd gen) with 2.6Ghz and 4GB ram under Fedora 17 64bit for playing full HD video on 4 monitor at same time,playback two full HD H.264 mov format have not any problem, but always little bit lag and 1 of 4 hd movie player was stop player when under  playing full HD video on 4 monitor at same time (using SMPlayer, very lag on km player), can anyone tell me which movie player will support better and did i need install any codec or any player setting on linux? Thank You


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I don't know the details of all available video players on Linux. But if you are using a player that make use of the UVD (video decoder) engine on the 2460 you can only run two 1080p streams at 30Hz.

You could give the vlc player a try. This one can be configured to use either the GPU or the CPU for decdoing. Probably you can get the expecetd playback performance by running 2 streams on the gpu and the other 2 streams on the cpu.


Thank for reply/helping,

does 2460 only hardware video decoder run two 1080p streams or 4 streams under windows 7 platform better?

or can you suggest which AMD product(single slot pci-e) support 4 UVD 1080p streams under linux? thank you


In the thread you are referring to it is mentioned as well that the uvd can decode up to 2 1080p streams. The uvd behaves in the same way on windows and linux.

The newer generation uvd is also designed for dual HD decoding so you will be limited to 2x1080p as well. But as mentioned you could try using the cpu for additional decoding.


thank for helping, the fedora 17 64 always system halt after install offical AMD FirePro Software Suite driver(8.911.3.4) ,if I using other open source driver ,the vlc player can't choose UDV decode, so which one 64 bit linux will compatible/stable with Firepro 2640? thank you


To make use of UVD you need the AMD driver. Can you check which kernel version your Fedora system has. If it is 3.3.4 you should be able to use the next Workstation driver that will be posted this month.