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Adept II

Finding Radeon drivers

I've got a new HD7970 and I used the "auto detect" tool to get the right driver for my card.  But now my computer shows no GPU context when I try to do OpenCL stuff, even though my DirectX and OpenGL code seems to be using the GPU features correctly.  So I was thinking that maybe I should just go back to a previous version of the video driver.

This page:

and this page:

don't seem to let me find a driver for my card.

Is there a known stable good driver that someone can give me a link to?  I am using Windows 7/64 bit.  It's a pure AMD system (Phenom II) that has successfully worked with an HD4850 and an HD5870 in the past.

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Adept II

Is there a procedure for completely uninstalling AMD/ATI driver code and starting over with a known working driver?



Since you haven't gotten any replies on the forums yet, try contacting AMD Support here:



You're right that the drivers aren't at the links you tried. I tried this link:

And there's a direct link on that page to:

And if you tell it your GPU specifics, it links to:

Both pages link to the same 153.5MB download... So I'd go with that. If OpenCL is hosed on your computer, and that doesn't fix it, you might want to purge OpenCL.DLL from your System32 folder / WOW64 folder and also purge the registry entries for the ICD -- see and do a text search for registry in there -- it's theoretically possible that you accidentally installed an ancient version of OpenCL.DLL over your driver installed .DLL from before AMD/ATI used the ICD, and Windows isn't letting you replace the file because it's in use by some app or service, or that you have some broken OpenCL implementation hiding in stale registry entries in the ICD... But before you make that voyage, try using the catalyst 12.4 (April 2012) driver installer.

That worked...for a day.  GPU device is lost again.

But I collected more data and I've got a clearer picture now what's going on.  When I get some more time I'll write it up and hopefully we can figure out what's going on.