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Journeyman III

fglrx impossible with asus r9 280x

Hi, i own 2x Asus r9 280x (r9280x-dc2-3gd5) which i'm trying to install the drivers on linux, for about 1 week (16-18h/day).

I tried everything i could think of with no success.

I tried Catalyst: 13.1, 13.4, 13.11-b9.4, 13.11-b9.95, 13.12, 14.1-b1.3, 14.2-b1.4 (the latest beta)

on almoast every linux distro: Ubuntu 11.04/11.10/12.04/12.10/13.04/13.10/14.04, Fedora 18/19/20, CentOs 6.3/6.4/6.5, RedHat 6.5, Debian 6.0/7, Suse 11, OpenSuse 13

and no success, only a lot of wasted time.

What happens watching xorg.log: sometimes fglrx crashes, sometimes it just hangs with no output, sometimes recognizes 1 card and with the other it hangs again and other times no errors nothing but xorg doesn't start, he hangs too.

I tried everything including some patches to fglrx found on google nothing. On each distro i tried each version of catalyst. The same system (hardware+software) works with another card for ex r9 290 but not with this 280x. On the same system i installed windows and saw the drivers works as expected (so no hardware issue, the only cause is fglrx) but on linux what is happening? The drivers aren't updated/fixed in both places? The open source drivers from Ubuntu for ex works (are not good for me, i need fglrx) but if i try to install the proprietary drivers from them again doesn't work. So fglrx it just doesn't want to work with this card!

If anybody can help me in some way with a solution pls, i'm desperate!

It's impossible for me to understand how a huge company like Amd which is nr 1 on gpu's and not only doesn't have working drivers for his chips.

How we (consumers) are supposed to use them? I spent a lot of money on this boards and i'm only staring at them. Big disappointment!

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Adept III

Unfortunately Windows seems to be the more important market. I wish AMD would put more manpower towards Linux. However, I hope AMD can help you fast. Good luck!

Journeyman III

I'm in the process of looking for a new graphics card. While I hate to hear about your R280x issue, can you tell me how much of an evaluation you put into the R290 on Opensuse 13.1. The AMD support page is only showing Opensuse 11!

Trust me, I know how linux can lead to all day hair ripping sessions. That is what I'm trying to avoid.

BTW, did you try one card at a time?

Journeyman III

dstanescu I had exactly the same issues as you have had.  I spent 2-3 weeks following various tutorials on how to set up the drivers that AMD have supplied for their graphics cards in linux.  I attempted to install in various shades of linux - ubuntu / lubuntu / xubuntu.  I lost track of how many times I reinstalled everything from scratch.

I then got fed up as I concluded it is impossible to get these fglrx drivers working in linux.

I then move to windows 7 and the story is not much brighter here. When I initially connected the R9 280x card my (by now) Windows 7 machine would not boot.  It was as if I was in a catch 22 situation.  If I connect the card then the machine will not boot so I cannot install the drivers.  If I disconnect the card and boot the machine everything is fine.  But then there is no card connected so when I install the drivers they do not get installed correctly. 

AMD (when they work) are great GPU's but their drivers are the worst I have every seen on any platform.