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Journeyman III

[expert] Radeon HD 7950 (Alternative to FLR)

Hi, everyone!

I'm Guilherme Suzuki and a couple of months ago I've been trying to VGA passthrough a Radeon HD 7950 to a virtual machine. I'm currently using XEN in a fedora 18.

Long story short, it worked. But, if I reboot the virtual machine (due to anything, such as windows update) and try to boot it up again, windows 7 device manager tells me that Radeon couldn't start (code 10 or 43). It will only come back again, if I reboot the PC first .

Legend says that FLR is a requirement in a VGA device to passthru itself (along with motherboard vt-d). Prompting lspci -vv command in my fedora 18, I only see FLR capability from onboard VGA devices (intel hd graphics, sandy or ivy bridge) and virtual machines do work with them (like a normal PC).

So, here's the question: is there another way to enable FLR capability, by applying a different firmware?

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