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Journeyman III

Every Single past driver version of catalyst is not available to download

Ive just been on the AMD site to download older driver versions that worked correctly on my 5850, but every old version link i click on has no driver download there. Whats going on?

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Hi James Bird - If you are referring to the Download Drivers page, you may want to contact the AMD webmaster at If you are referring to another page, let us know. If it's on Developer Central, we can check into it.


Cheers deedeeyelvertyon, After you very kind and helpful suggestion of who to contact i did, I think people may find this funny or AMD top management an explanation to why people find it hard to buy into the brand:

Hi James,

I understand you are having an issue trying to download our previous Catalyst drivers. In order to help diagnose this issue, I will need some additional information. Before we begin, please clear your browser cache and then restart your browser. If the issue still exists then please provide the information stated below.

  • What browser are you using? Ex. IE8, Chrome, Firefox and etc.
  • Links to the pages that are having the issue.
  • Screenshot of at least one of the pages that have the issue.
  • Information from nslookup

How to run nslookup

  1. 1.       For Windows Vista/7 users – click on the start button and in the search box type “cmd” without quotes
    1. a. For Windows 8 users – In the start menu type “cmd” without quotes. The search pane will appear on the right. Click on “Command Prompt”
  2. 2.       In the Command Prompt type the following command and hit enter:
  3. 3.       Please provide the information that it returns.



My Response:

Hi Ron,

I’ve just gone to the past drivers page and guess what! The links are now there. Please don’t be such a **** in the future if someone points out an issue and just accept there was an issue. Rather than an email trying to make out there was never an issue (****). Your attitude match’s AMD’s attitude to drivers that as my card is an 5850 that looking to upgrade in the next week or two i was going to take the risk of buying another AMD card. Now not a chance. Cheers **** Head!, all the best.