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Journeyman III

emulate edid .. and force eyeinfinity


I wants to simulate an output like a  dvi detective in software with ADL and force eyeinfinity. Is it possible on Gamer Ati Card ? on FirePro ?

1)- I have tryed to use ADL_Display_ForcibleDisplay_Set on a Hd7850 : and when I set to true it returns an error : no driver implementation

Is it possible to use this function to force active the DVI or hdmi or displayport output even if there is no screen connected  ?

2)- I have tryed to add custom resolution (there is no way in ati panel to add custom resolution ... and it loose a lot of 50hz resolution ).

Can  I use override timing to do that ?

I have tryed to use ADL_Display_ModeTimingOverride_Set but it always failed when settings resolution.

3)- eyeinfinity works fine .. but if for some reason, the two outputs are not connected when the computer start, or disconnect, I need to manually setup again the eyeinfinity setup .. and sometimes it's a nightmare ! It can takes one hour to retry to setup eyeinfinity when the ati catalyst failed for an unknown reason  (I hopes this bug will be fixed one day !)  Is it possible to force eye infinity even if there is a disconnection and next a connection of a cable ?

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Journeyman III

Nice to meet you,qtnext!

I have the same trouble. Now, do you know how to solve the trouble? thank you!