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Journeyman III

DUAL core, multithreaded application advices

About to develop application using ethernet controler, usb video device and hard disk at the same time

Hi I would likle to first know for multithread if anybody know bench mark links between windows and linux comparison.


-I would like ot know wich is the best library to use in Linux to do multithread


I consider I havea dua lcore processor so :


I want to keep the ethernet communication ( on a pci slot) and another for the internet purpose on the onboard motherboard on a Core


Put My usb Video stream process on the second core...


Correct Me if im Wrong to do such things


IS the kernel and or dual core processor manage automatic such things?


OR I could specify thread creation To be on a specified core. Well it depends if the mechine have single or du lcore processor, thats why I think It kernel level decisions...

Or if I could do by programmation, specify which interrupt have to use core 0 core 1


We can see inside window task manager for a process --> set affinity and set which core the application will run on. ( I guess theres something to set that in C/CPP)

THe usb video streaming is passing througt I/O ? I ear about direct dma or virtual soft emulated dma for usb is it true?


I read some docs from the amd 64 soft optimiser pdf, I know we could optimise for dual core by some technical prog doing for simple integer or float operations, but im more asking myself about the threads.

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