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Adept I

Driver 14.9 gives R6025 pure virtual function calls

After updating to the drivers from Catalyst 14.9 I am getting not completely reproducible crashes.

When calling SwapBuffers I sometimes get an "R6025 - pure virtual function call". The stack trace shows that there is a null function call somewhere in OpenGL32.dll->atio6axx.dll->user32.dll. This does not happen on NVidia or Intel machines. It does not crash every time and not always at the same time. The problem was not there with previous drivers, but I had them some time ago with older drivers. In order to debug I produced a trace using apitrace. Interestingly replaying this trace works most of the time, but every 5th to 10th try it crashes with the mentioned error. Replaying the same trace with the windows standard driver for the graphics card or on an Nvidia card works always. By commenting parts of my code I found out that it probably has something to do with FenceSyncs and deleting of syncs.

Does any of you experience problems like that? Any idea what the reason could be?

If any of you wants to reproduce the bug I added the apitrace file. Usually I do not need to replay it more than 20 times to get it crashing...

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