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Journeyman III

Double Precision Support for MD Radeontm HD 6990M ?

Does the AMD Radeon™ HD 6990M support double precision?

It would be  great if all vendors can provide  a  list of OpenCL  Device Extensions for new devices.  Then we can see  if they support double precision and atomics, ....

 Does this device support  OpenCL Extensions  cl_khr_fp64 and/or cl_amd_fp64?


The link  below claims 1.6 Terra FLOPS (single precision)  which is impressive. But come on, making a supercomputer like claims without supercomputer precision undermines AMD cred.







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Journeyman III

you can figure it out through:

I donot have 6990 handy to check. but a quick search in wikipedia shows it supports DP.


To clarify and elaborate the 6990M is  mobile chip, so you can't just plug it in. You would need to purchase a complete latop that incorporates it.

My other point is should Wikipedia be the authorative  source for a Vendor OpenCL Device extensions? As much as we love Wikipedia, I would hope not. Vendors should take ownership and be explicit and transparent about what  their device supports.