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Journeyman III

Doom 3 BFG engine crash on ATI 3850 on MapBuffer

I am new to AMD development outlet, and I am Nvidia user (ahh, don't throw tomatoes at me please ), but on my team there are a few AMD users. We are using Doom 3 BFG GPL game engine for our current project, and some developers with AMD cards are unable to run the game.

On the following system, WinXP 32bit, Catalyst 12.4, AMD 3850, the engine crashes with idJointBuffer::MapBuffer: failed error (GPU skeletal is implemented using glMap* ). Does anyone have an idea what's going on and where can I report it so maybe AMD could add support for the respective extension to latest drivers for WinXP (although I've been told AMD no longer supports 38xx series, there are quite sizable number of people who own them and i wouldn't want to loose that market).

Thank you.

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