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Journeyman III

Display Driver AMD Driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

I've had my PC since October, and ever since I bought it I have had a problem with my Display Driver (I've ignored it since but know I'm aggravated). When I'm loading something, watching a video, playing a game, surfing the web, basically everything else there is I get this error message: "Display Driver AMD Driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered" (my screen flickers prior to this error message). Just so everyone knows, I am using Windows 7 64bit and have an AMD Radeon HD 6800 graphics card. Of course I have searched the web to try and find a fix, but to my dismay I've found no fix. I have installed my latest drivers and application profiles just so you know. The only way I see me fixing it is by buying a new graphics card, but I don't want to still have the issue if I get a new one (plus this graphics card can basically handle any game so I'd prefer not getting rid of it). I've seen other forum posts on having a display driver issue but they don't have the same error message so the fixes never work (let me add that my PC was built from scratch not commercially, but I did have professionals build it for me). I'm in need of desperate help, and my day would be made if I fixed this before summer.



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Hi Emoji,

Man, that sounds frustrating.

This forum is for software developers. Try contacting AMD support either by email ( or by phone (

Good luck!