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Journeyman III

Discontinuing legacy video connections?

Hi everyone,

I do a lot of development for ATI graphics cards (Non-gaming related development) and just recently the card we use for our systems "4650/4670" with the s-video output for older composite/component/s-video capable TVs are VERY VERY hard to come by.  From what I see ATI is going away from the s-video connector on the graphics card.  Is this true?  Can I not buy a video card anymore that spits out composite/component/s-video from ATI??  If no, do they have a card that has a separate expansion slot with a plug to go into the graphics card in order to get those connections?

Anybody have the inside scoop on what ATI plans are?  If they are going away from these old connections entirely I may have no other choice than to stop using ATI graphics cards and finding alternatives.

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