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DirectGMA DX11 example doesn't work on embedded 8860 board, but OpenGL example works

I am trying to get DirectGMA to work on DirectX9. Although there's some code on AMD's website, but it's missing critical pieces, which is the definitions of the SDI structs, which is used for the communication surfaces ... and I have no idea where to get the SDK/header files for them.

    I  downloaded the latest DirectGMA SDK, and there's only a DX11 example. When I try to run the GPU2GPU_Dx11 example, it goes all the way, finds the GPU and stuff, but always fail in the GetExtInterface( 6 ) ..... The message it sends out is "please enable DirectGMA from the AMD Config tool" , which seems to be an erronous error message ?? .

    The Gpu2Gpu_OpenGL example works fine, and I can get the correct physical addess of surfaces.  I used GPUView to verify that AMD breaks the visible memory up, and theres' a section which only has 96Mbytes (which is the size I set for DirectGMA), and also I see the OpenGL surfaces in that 96Mbyte memory when running the OpenGL app. So at least this seems to indicate that DirectGMA does "somewhat" work for the 8860 at least in OpenGL. 

   So my question here ...

(1) Is there somewhere I can get working examples (and library/header files) so I can try running DirectGMA with DX9 ? There's no option to download "older" DirectGMA SDK.

(2) If that's not possible, does anybody know if DirectGMA is even supported on the embedded chips like 8860 for DX11 ?   I am using the latest 16.15 drivers for Windows10.

(3) Lastly, does anyone has any clues as to what might be causing the issue I am facing in DX11 ? 

   Many thanks in advance for any help.


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