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Journeyman III

Debian 9 integrated AMDGPU driver feedback


Just as feedback, using GRID Autosport but also Dirt Rally on Steam / Debian 9 with an AMD Radeon R9 270X

My feedback is : thank you, that's awesome, working as good as my NVIDIA ones !

With the previous drivers I had a little trouble recommending AMD, such situation wasn't good omen for Linux gaming development while Steam was trying to do something that is really touchy (such situation with the previous old radeon drivers could be catastrophic for the success of the bet, which is still not won today).

I just had one point, may be somebody can help me :

I like to participate into Boinc CPU and GPU distributed computing projects, and I didn't succeeded in having OpenCL working. With the Crimson driver I had to install libamd-opencl1 package or something like that but this package isn't available anymore and I didn't find the equivalent package for this new driver (boinc-client-opencl package is just installing useless tons of nvidia stuff that does nothing with the AMD GPU - and is already provided by their installer).

Is OpenCL available though the new driver ?

Thank you in advance

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