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Current Oculus support, VR development in general, wddm 2.0, dx12.

Hi everyone.

I happen to have a DK2 and I love my R9 290. With the latest Oculus SDK, and latest version of windows 10, on the 15.3 (14.502.1014.0) windows 8.1 64bit drivers, the Rift works fantastically well with games and demos new and old on my rift. (in dx11).

As we all know, adoption for windows 10 is going to be massive, as is VR adoption by the holiday season.

Due to it's ease of legal entry and the hype around directX 12 being a "free cpu upgrade" for games EVERYONE is going to be using it. Therefore, developing for windows 10 now is ideal if you want to be on the bleeding edge.

Currently have very few issues, performance is right up there with the "preferred" nvidia cards and in fact some things are better. However, the rift would obviously benefit from some DX12 and liquidVR love. DOES ANYONE have information on the currently released wddm2.0 driver that is provided by AMD in the windows 10TP, with Oculus's 5.0.1 SDK? Currently, the driver bundled in windows update causes a conflict relating to the driver DLL and I have to "roll back". Now, the WDDM 2.0 driver does a GREAT JOB in windows itself, on non-rift games, obviously, but is this breaking "direct to rift" only, or does it also break extended mode? Some details would help tons. I would be more then willing to beta an NDA release driver for testing UE4 and Unity 5.0.

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