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Journeyman III

CubeMapGen Export Issues?

I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong or if there is an error in CubeMapGen image exporting. I loaded a basemap and adjusted the filters to match what I want, then I clicked "Filter Cubemap" and then "Refresh Output Cubemap". At this point I want to save my cubemap as a series of images so I use that button and choose a destination directory. CubeMapGen then saves the images to that directory and reports no errors. However, when I then go and look at those images all I see are colored squares. One yellow, one blue, etc etc for each face. The basemap I wanted to project onto a cube map is nowhere to be seen. Am I missing something?

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A quick test was done and our egnineer can understand the cause of confusion.

The basemap is just applied  to the object as a base color, off of which the results of the cubemap can be seen (like reflections off of a textured ball).

You should be using “Load CubeMap(.dds)” or “Load Cube Cross” instead.

It may also be helpful if you check the “Skybox” option in the blue “Modify Display” region. This way you can see the cubemap that is loaded as a skybox – the basemap does not show up as part of the skybox, so it is clear that it is not part of the cubemap.