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Journeyman III

CS 4.x / CS 5.0 and DX11

Just a little confused

When I try and run the latest samples in the DXSDK, those involving DirectX 11 say they will use emulation...  However it says that 10.1 hardware runs the DX11 stuff on a slightly reduced feature set using CS 4.x...

I have the 9.3 catalyst driver installed, I'm running an HD3870.  So should I be able to run these new samples at all?  I just assumed since ATI stream existed, and supports my card, and that the card is DX10.1, that it would support compute shaders in DX11.

Win7 is looking cool, but all in all I think it's just a matter of time before I get back to Ubuntu... After all, I just don't like windows programming .

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Journeyman III

HD3870 doesn't support compute shader, only 48xx cards support it.


I ran the DX11 computer shader sample ( DX SDK August 09) on Win7 and using 4870x2 on catalyst 9.9 but the sample runs on CPU.                         So it seems that there are currently no available drivers which support CS.


Perhaps, Microsoft just don't want to spoil its Windows 7 sales. How can this be? Easily! Microsoft may disable CS 4.x in DirectX for awhile despite that graphics drivers can already support them. Who knows, maybe Microsoft will eventually change its mind and will say: "Sorry, guys and gals, no CS 4.x at all - only CS 5 and only in Win7". So...what about OpenCL?

P.S. AFAIK, only last version of DirectX (I mean August 2009) supports CS. Did you install it?


Ok, I finally got it working on Vista with the new platform upgrade provided by MS. I am using a DX11 card though and I can run all samples provided in the SDK.


which dx 11 card do you use? I only have a hd4850 , can't run compute shader by the hardware.


4850 doesn't support dx11, I am using 5xxx series card but that's not available in the market right now, wait for a few days.

EDIT: The 5870 is available now.