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Journeyman III

Crossfire - Windowed and or Fullscreen Windowed Mode Support

I'd like to ask if it'd be possible to make use of Crossfire on Windowed / Fullscreen Windowed Games.
I'm running 3 monitors and running most of my games in Fullscreen Windowed mode.
I would like to enjoy the freedom of being able to see the game window while doing other things on my other monitors.

I'm running with Catalyst 14.6 beta atm and frankly I've been looking for a solution for the past couple of week googling my ... off.
If there was a workaround or hack or alternative driver I wouldn't mind, but I feel like my money is kindof being wasted on buying the second AMD card and I have to trade in some FPS in some games if i want to continue running them in Fullscreen Windowed mode.

I wonder if it would be possible to make a Crossfire profile for the Windows Desktop Manager itself and work around the issue.

Please advise, or respond. I hope there are some AMD driver devs around here or someone can point me towards them.

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