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Journeyman III

Crash caused by Tessellation


We are having issues with our AMD 7900 series cards crashing (with what directX reports as out of memory error) with tessellation shaders on certain models in our game. Our setup has dual AMD 7900 Series Cards (identical cards - system info below) Turning tessellation off on that card makes the problem go away. Everything works fine on our systems that use Nvidia cards. Debugging the problem in visual studio has shown crashes in the ati dll. We have a PIX capture that can demonstrate this problem  (captured, and runs, on an NVIDIA card, doesn't run on our AMD card).

This occurs with or without Crossfire enabled. We've been using the 13.1 Catalyst drivers, and have tried the 13.2 beta without success.

Are there any known issues that I'm not aware of? Or anything I can do to debug the problem further?



Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by AMD Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon HD 7900 Series Device ID 6798 Vendor ID 1002 Subsystem ID 2770 Subsystem Vendor ID 1462 Graphics Bus Capability PCI Express 3.0 Maximum Bus Setting PCI Express 3.0 BIOS Version BIOS Part Number 113-C3860100-X00 BIOS Date 2012/01/06 Memory Size 3072 MB Memory Type GDDR5 Core Clock in MHz 1010 MHz Memory Clock in MHz 1375 MHz Total Memory Bandwidth in GByte/s 264.0 GByte/s

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