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compilador asamblador

Buenos días colegas. Les comento, ¿es posible la obtención de un compilador que genere código objeto específico para la familia de microprocesadores x86 mediante un código fuente ensamblador cuya codificación sea ASCII? A lo que me refiero es que no necesito un compilador cuyo código final (mal llamado objeto) sean llamadas al SO, es decir, tengan cabeceras ni necesidad de código adicional linkeado para que los drivers que conforman el kernel del SO codifiquen el código máquina a una codificación interpretable para los periféricos externos sino que el código objeto compilado sea específico para el micro, me genere una palabra binaria que contenga el opcode seguido de los correspondientes bytes que contengan los operandos, según la cantidad de operandos necesarios debido al tipo de instrucción. Para qué tipo de micro no importa ya que solo usaré las instrucciones x86 básica.

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Buenos colleagues days. I commented, is the production of a specific compiler to generate object code for the x86 microprocessor family by an assembler source code which is ASCII coding is possible? What I mean is that I do not need a compiler whose final code (so-called object) are calls to the OS, ie, have headers or need for additional code linkeado for drivers that make up the OS kernel coding machine code to an interpretable for external peripherals coding but compiled object code is specific to the micro, I generate a binary word containing the opcode followed by the corresponding bytes containing the operands, depending on the number of operands required due to the type of instruction. For what type of micro does not matter because I will use only the basic x86 instructions.

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Spanish is not my 2nd language. But... it sounds like what you're doing is hand-crafting assembly language for an x86 CPU. That is do-able, but not very common. You will need an assembler to read your text file and generate the machine code. I am not familiar with any x86 assemblers.

Almost every application, however simple, uses operating system services, Which means header files, linking, all the good things that come with software development. What I call "bare metal" programming - writing code for a processor without using an operating system, is possible. Just very rare these days outside of the world of small microcontrollers. And even then, almost every embedded developer I know uses an RTOS - a real time operating system - of one kind or another, however simple.


Almost every application, however simple, uses operating system services,

No necesary, every code which control the microprocesor and do an interface with other components (drivers) (likes hard disks, LCD, keyboard, mouse) is an operative system, it has not to be necesary commercial like windows or GNU linux or generate a extended machine (this is for user software). But I just need to controle an ADC and a DAC external with the microprocesor, using the usb port. And I can do it by myselft without an comertial OS.

There is not a commercial microcontroler which works at 2.2 GHz and with that clock frecuency I can implement a artificial neural network working in memory which with that clock the communication between artificial neurons (objects in memory) have a significant response time with the number of objects, nodes, methods, and variables implement. The only things I need is the micro, the motherboard with ram and a external program in some cd or usb which will be loaded to memory by the UEFI which it's on motherboard not volatil memory and it's start to work just communicating with the outside via the USB port.

So for that I need the datasheet of AMD sempron complete with all instructions and register and an compiler which it would be best to work in assembler for best performance but an C or C++ compiler with the particulary that how there will not be an OS with extended machine The objet code just have to ran in the microprocesor by itseltf

Sorry for my english


No worries, your English is better than my French, and much better than my Spanish.

Absolutely agree you can create your own interface with the hardware. If all you need is an ADC and DAC, you don't need a lot of OS overhead.

I'm going to move this into the general discussion area of DevGurus. THere are NOT a lot of developers in DevGurus who work at this level, but, you are way more likely to get help there than in the general AMD community.

I'll also whitelist you as a developer, so you can interact with DevGurus.