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Journeyman III

Compatible card 6750m amd64


I have installed a debian 64 on my laptop, and i can't install Catalyst.

i have an AMD Radeon 6750M, and my laptop is a 700z5a-s02fr.

So, i had tried to install fglrx-driver, but not a success (black screen in starting debian)

i had removed it. And i install catalyst 12.1 64bit but clinfo don't work and return an error.(i install opencl 1.1 normally)

please, give me a solution, how i can see clinfo.

Sorry about my english!

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is acceleration working? what report fglrxinfo? what error do clinfo return?


# ./

64-bit Operating System Found..

Starting Installation of AMD APP....

SDK package name is :AMD-APP-SDK-v2.6-RC3-lnx64.tgz

Current directory path is  : /home/nonda/Desktop/amd

Untar command executed succesfully, The SDK package available

Untar command executed succesfully, The ICD package available

Copying files to /opt/AMDAPP/ ...

SDK files copied successfully at /opt/AMDAPP/

Updating Environment vairables...

32-bit path is :sh: 1: sudo: not found

64-bit path is :sh: 1: sudo: not found

Environment vairables updated successfully

sh: 1: sudo: not found

AMD APP installation  Completed

>> Reboot recommanded to reflect the changes

>> Please ignore the ldconfig errors, Expected behaviour

>> Please refer the 'AMDAPPlog file' in the same directory

>> Refer the README.txt in the same directory for more info

# clinfo

clinfo: error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32

# glxinfo

glxinfo: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


I put installation of amd-app cause i think, there are already errors... (sudo: not found)