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Journeyman III

CodeXL has trouble loading pdb of system modules ?

Hi ,

I have installed the CodeXL v1.4 on my system with the following configuration:

Windows 8.1+  (64bit)


Nvidia Geforce Gtx

I wanted to CPU profile some of the kernel modules, which I succeeded.

However the pdb for the system modules are not getting loaded. I can see the pdb for the application being loaded,

occassionally it also loads msvc100's pdb ( but sometimes doesn't load that as well)

In the module view it says symbols -> Not Loaded.

The .sys and the .pdb does match  - I have the .pdb both in the .sys location and in a separate folder and also in the same location as the application pdbs, I have

included the path in the Additional debug symbol path - under tools -> options as well.

Tried every possible thing.

Without the .pdb, the callgraph has unresolved addresses - though am able to look up the address on windbg

it would be really great if AMD ppl can help me fix this issue.

Second, is there any log file where such problems - "why loading debug symbols failed " (just in case for instance)



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