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Adept I

CodeXL hangs...

After several runs CodeXL started to hang with the following message:

*** glibc detected *** /home//////my_program.x: corrupted double-linked list: 0x0000000001386370 ***

after reloading a couple of times it works again.

It hung again while doing GPU Performance counters

CodeXL 1.1

Ubuntu 12.04

Radeon HD 7670M


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Can you please provide more information like what is the sample you are running on, what is the catalyst driver version you are using?

Also, attach the system information. This can be obtained by:

1. Launch CodeXL.

2. Click on "Tools -> System Information"

3. In the "System Information" dialog, click on "Save" button and save the file at appropriate location and attach the file.


Kalyan P


Catalyst driver version 13.1

Looks like it hangs on every code I'm profiling.



I have the same problem. Any attempt to Launch/Debug application (even the Teaspot example application)

hangs the application.

Catalyst driver version 13.4



Can you please share the following information:

  • OS + version + architecture (32/64)
  • CPU and GPU brand and model
  • CodeXL version
  • Please navigate to /tmp/, copy the log file CodeXL-your_user_name.log and attach to your reply.




- OS: Ubuntu (x86_64)

- CPU: AMD A10-4600M APU

- GPU: Radeon 7660G

- CodeXL: 1.1.1537.0

- log file can be found here:

I would be thankful for your help!:)



Hi Damian,

Sorry for the delayed response.

The log file seems to be incomplete at the specified location.

You can probably attach the log file to this thread?

Also, are you launching CodeXL as a "root" user or "non-root" user?

If its root user, can you also provide us GDB BackTrace for the crash?

This can be done by:

1. Set "ulimit -c unlimited" befor launching CodeXL

2. Run CodeXL. On crash, it generated a "core" file

3. Run "GDB ./CodeXL-bin core > BackTrace.txt"

4. Give "bt" command

5. give "q" to quit GDB

Attach "BackTrace.txt" to this thread for us to analyze.

Thanks again for your help.

- Kalyan P


Hi Kalyan,

Thank you for the reply.

The main problem with providing you all the details you need is the app completely hangs (let's examine Teaspot example)) :

1) Immediately when starting 'Debug'


2) Few/tens seconds after clicking on 'Play' button and moving teaspot with a mouse.

Moreover, the above hangs whole system/computer and the only option is to switch it off/on.

After that there is no core dump file at all and I cannot see any other option to get it generated...

Best regards,



Hi Damian,

We tried to reproduce the issue locally with the same configuration as your's. But, things just ran fine. I was able to debug and profile OpenCL/OpenGL apps.

I suspect there might be some problem in the AMD Catalyst was installed on your platform.

If you run "clinfo" on your platform, does it succeed?

Are you seeing any problems running "Teapot" sample as a stand-alone application i.e. without using CodeXL?

To run Teapot as a stand-alone application, please navigate to "<Path to untared CodeXL 1.1.1537>/Output_x86_64/release/bin/examples/Teapot/release" and run "./AMDTTeaPot-bin".


Kalyan P


Hi Kalyan,

As you suggested I launched 'clinfo'. It went ok ( )

However, running standalone Teapot example  hangs the computer...:(

Do you know what might be wrong with the h/w or s/w ?




Hi Damian,

I susspect some problem in the way driver was installed on your system. Because running Teapot as a stand-alone should not cause system hang.

Are you able to run any OpenGL samples(BoxFilterGL, GaussianNoiseGL, SimpleGL, NBody... ) provided by APP SDK as a standalone applications on your system?

From "clinfo", it looks like you have installed 13.4 Catalyst on your machine.

Catalyst 13.6 Beta was released couple of weeks back. Can you try running these samples after upgrading your Catalyst to 13.6 Beta?

Following is the procedure to Un-install 13.4 Catalyst and install 13.6 on Ubuntu:

- 1.       1. Uninstall existing driver (13.4 in your case)

a.      If catalyst was installed using .run file then navigate to "/usr/share/ati" and run “sudo sh”

b.      If catalyst was installed using debian packages then run following command “sudo dpkg –purge fglrx*.deb”.

2.        2. Reboot the machine

           3. Install 13.6 driver using following method


b.      Instead of taking 13.4 take 13.6 Beta driver

4.        4. After successful installation run following commands

a.       Sudo aticonfig –initial

b.      Sudo aticonfig –sb off

5.       5. Reboot the machine

Hope this will help.


Kalyan P


Hi Kalyan!

I did all the things you suggested.

I reinstalled the driver and I have 13.6 beta now.

I can launch OpenGL samples but i.e. playing with BoxFilterGL for some time hangs the machine. Teapot reacts in the same way... Other samples run without the problems.

So it looks like it might be h/w or driver problem but I unfortunatelly still cannot solve it



Journeyman III

Hi guys,

I am also trying to use CodeXL and sometimes, it crashes at start-up.

Sometimes it is right at the begining (after reboot), sometimes after 2 or 3 start/stop in a session.

But when it crashes once in a session, it's over.

Here is a sum-up of my experience from now:

my configuration is:

Linux Fedora 18 x86_64


xorg-x11-drv-catalyst-13.4-1.fc18.x86_64 (install with "yum update" because I don't want to be asynchronous with kernel update!)

and I installed AMD-APP-SDK-v2.8-lnx64.tgz

So I check with gdb, and it gaves me this:

Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.

0x0000003b06235ba5 in raise () from /lib64/

Missing separate debuginfos, use: debuginfo-install CodeXL-1.1.1537.0-release.x86_64

(gdb) whe

#0  0x0000003b06235ba5 in raise () from /lib64/

#1  0x0000003b06237358 in abort () from /lib64/

#2  0x0000003b0627559b in __libc_message () from /lib64/

#3  0x0000003b0627c1a2 in malloc_consolidate () from /lib64/

#4  0x0000003b0627d09e in _int_malloc () from /lib64/

#5  0x0000003b0627f443 in malloc () from /lib64/

#6  0x0000003b062ba181 in getpwuid () from /lib64/

#7  0x00007ffff798a430 in osGetCurrentUserName (currUserName=...) at /data/jenkins/workspace/CodeXL-Full-Linux-Release-1.1/release/CodeXL/1.1/CommonProjects/AMDTOSWrappers/src/linux/osUser.cpp:32

#8  0x00007ffff796b31b in osDebugLog::calculateLogFilePath (logFileName=..., logFilePath=...)

    at /data/jenkins/workspace/CodeXL-Full-Linux-Release-1.1/release/CodeXL/1.1/CommonProjects/AMDTOSWrappers/src/common/osDebugLog.cpp:561

#9  0x00007ffff796b4c4 in osDebugLog::initialize (this=0x683440, logFileName=...)

    at /data/jenkins/workspace/CodeXL-Full-Linux-Release-1.1/release/CodeXL/1.1/CommonProjects/AMDTOSWrappers/src/common/osDebugLog.cpp:271

#10 0x00007ffff6df89a3 in afInitializeApplicationCommand::initializeDebugLogFile (this=0x7fffffffde20)

    at /data/jenkins/workspace/CodeXL-Full-Linux-Release-1.1/release/CodeXL/1.1/CommonProjects/AMDTApplicationFramework/commands/src/afInitializeApplicationCommand.cpp:236

#11 0x00007ffff6df8a06 in afInitializeApplicationCommand::executeSpecificCommand (this=0x7fffffffde20)

    at /data/jenkins/workspace/CodeXL-Full-Linux-Release-1.1/release/CodeXL/1.1/CommonProjects/AMDTApplicationFramework/commands/src/afInitializeApplicationCommand.cpp:87

#12 0x000000000040cf57 in main (argc=1, argv=0x7fffffffe028) at /data/jenkins/workspace/CodeXL-Full-Linux-Release-1.1/release/CodeXL/1.1/CommonProjects/AMDTApplication/src/appApplication.cpp:203


And as you can see, it crashes right after looking for info about user (getpwuid).

So I try to reset the environnement by doing a "su - myuser".

And you know what? I works (more or less, sometimes I have to do it twice).

I got also an issue with the With the basic installation, I can launch CodeXL but if I try to launch inside an OpenCL soft, it claims that is missing.

I have to make a soft-link  with /usr/lib64/catalyst/ to /usr/lib64/ .

But I made the mistake to add also (without the .1) in /usr/lib64 path (in order to compile my project without additional LIB_PATH ) and then it crashes systematically.

Bottom line, I made it works and CodeXL helps but it was not really easy..

Hope it could help some other Linux user !!