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Journeyman III

CodeXL GUI - input file redirection

Hello, I am trying to run SPEC 2006 benchmarks in CodeXL GUI and I am having trouble with shell file redirections.

In the GUI project settings, under the 'Target Application' sub heading, there are input fields: Executable Path, Working Directory, Command Line Arguments, and Environment Variables. With regards to the Command Line Arguments, 5 of the SPEC '06 benchmarks require input file redirection of stdin (Ex: bash$  gamess < cytosine.2.config > gamess.ref.cytosine.out 2> gamess.ref.cytosine.err ) where  '< cytosine.2.config' redirects stdin to take the file cytosine.2.config. This does not work as the profiling of the application hangs.

I am running CodeXL in Ubuntu 15.10, and I am happy to include any system details needed but I don't think they will be of help. My humble guess is that this is an issue related to the fact that Command Line Arguments are for the application under test and not for commands/redirections in the bash shell.

Is there a CodeXL workaround for this?

Thanks for your time.