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Journeyman III

CodeXL freezes on Updating Context at 20%

Hi There,

I am trying to debug/profile our OpenGL Application, build with Embarcaderro Delphi XE2.

Sadly, CodeXL freezes after a breakpoint on updating Context 2 or 3 and always at 20%.

Our Program uses some shared contexts.

Are there any known problems with a combination of shared contexts, context switching?

We are using a lot of low-version and legacy (<3.0) Api calls.

I attached the SystemInformation you asked for in other topics.

Thank you for your help.

And also thank you for your very helpfull Tool, we use it a lot (before and after the renaming ).

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Hi hugie,

Sorry for the long time in replying, we were investigating the issue and attempting to reproduce it in our labs.

We found what we believe to be the problem, and have solved it - the next CodeXL release will have this fix in it.

Thank you for your report,